6 Winter Energy-Saving Tips


It's been a brutally cold winter this far.  Temperatures dipped down to -49 today with the windchill! It is no hidden secret that as the temperatures get lower, your energy bills get higher, so here are 6 easy ways to save energy during the cold winter months without having to turn your thermostat down and live in a freezing house.  

1.  Use Overhead Fans 

Something you may not know is that ceiling fans do not actually affect the temperature of a room, but rather only the airflow.  By turning you ceiling fan on low in the winter and switching its direction to clockwise, it will actually help to circulate the warm air blowing out of your heater and keep the room at a steadier temperature!  Thus, relieving some of the burden of your heater. 

2.  Unplug Unused Appliances

Even when your appliances are not currently in use, if they are still plugged in to an outlet, they are still sucking power!  On average, up to 10% of your energy bill comes from the energy vampirism!  By simply unplugging things such as toasters, hair straighteners, or coffee makers when you aren't using them, you can save a lot of energy!

3.  Cook with a Slow Cooker

Slow cookers generally use much less energy that ovens do!  Even when running for extended periods of time compared to quick, one-hour periods, they still use around a third of the energy.

4.  Replace Furnace Filters

Replace your furnace filter once every 1-2 months!  The longer you leave them in, the dirtier they get.  When the filters get clogged, it forces the furnace to have to run longer in order to fully heat your house.

5.  Take Showers

Typically, a 10 minute shower uses 5-1o gallons of water less than a bath does! 

6.  Install Light Dimmers

You do not need to constantly have your lights turned on to full brightness.  By installing dimmer switches, you can control how bright your lights will be and how much energy they will us.  You can even buy automatic dimmer switches which will dim your lights for you in accordance to how light their surroundings are!
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