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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

March 21, 2019


Spring is in the air! You know what that means… It’s spring cleaning time! Check out these tips on how to help you tackle this year’s cleaning session.


Make a schedule

Do a walkthrough of your home and see what areas need more TLC than others. It’s generally good practice to start with the areas that tend to be neglected during routine cleanings and go from there. Sticking to a schedule will ensure that you don’t forget anything. Be sure to also make a list of cleaning supplies that you’ll need to get the job done. 


Clean from top to bottom

Dust and other debris is inevitably going to fall down to the floor as you clean, so starting at the top ensures that you don’t have to clean the same surfaces multiple times.


Remove the clutter

Studies have shown that a cluttered home actually impedes your focus and causes stress. Spend some time going through your junk drawers and closets, and throw away (or donate!) any clothes or junk that you don’t need. Doing this alone will help you feel a bit better.


Kitchen cleaning doesn’t stop at countertops and appliances

Cleaning the counter and outside of appliances is a pretty obvious part of spring cleaning, but don’t forget to give everything else some attention, too. Pull out your dishes and give the inside of your cupboards, drawers, and pantry a wipe down, and throw away any outdated food. Give the inside of your fridge, microwave and oven grates a scrub as well.


Don’t forget about the walls

Lots of people miss this one. At first glance, walls don’t look that dirty, but after a good scrub, you’ll see on the cloth just how much dirt actually comes off.


Dust, dust, dust

This one is obvious, but be sure to dust every nook and cranny that are usually hidden from the world. Pull out furniture and appliances, and dust behind and under them. Don’t forget to dust your baseboards as well. There will be plenty of allergens floating around during this phase, so if you’re prone to allergic reactions, be sure to protect yourself with rubber gloves or even a mask.


Head outside

Not only is this productive, but you’ll also get the chance to enjoy the first few days of warmer weather. Once the snow has all melted, give your walkways and deck a good sweeping to get dust and pollen far away from your outdoor living space. Give your outdoor furniture a good wipe down as well. Whether your furniture has been in storage or out in the elements, you never know what is clinging to it.


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